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Electronic Quality management

Electronic Quality management

This blog speaks about quality management info like non-conformance, audit management, CAPA,

Work flow of a complaint management system software

What is a complaint management system?

A complaint management system is used in any firm for solving complaints from any department involved in the process of production. These complaints can arise from customer side also.

Ideally, a complaint management system should trigger an action that corrects the process that went wrong. This can be done by capturing the complaint and intimating the respective department for corrective action.

There will be multiple sources like E-mail, messages, Fax, Chatbox conversations, customer feedback etc. A complaint management system ideally integrates all the sources and triggers respective actions from respective departments.

For this to happen A complaint management system should be designed abiding this flow chart

Process flow of a complaint management system

The flow chart above covers all the aspects of complaint management from initiation to escalation, including the reprocesses.

There are mainly 2 scenarios which we will consider for raising a complaint.

They are as follows

Identifying a non-conformance:

When a non-conformance is identified in the process flow, then a complaint may be raised by any of the personnel from the respective departments. the incidents are captured in this system and the process will be initiated.

Identifying a root cause

When a root cause is identified in the process flow, then a complaint may be raised by a client/customer service executive. Then the incidents are captured in this system and the process will be initiated.

After a complaint is raised based on the 2 basic scenarios like above. A process flow is initiated.

The sequential actions followed when there is a scenario like First is discussed below:

Inspection request 

This is the stage where an inspection request is raised from a customer/client's end. All critical and pertinent details about the product as well as the incident are captured.

Send inspection report 

The captured data and details like the complaint cause recommended corrective action etc. The inspection report is like basic scrutiny of the problem occurred. This report is sent to the respective 

Receiving reply

In this stage, The concerned department after taking the corrective action will reply back to the client or department where the discrepancy occurred. This will be preceded by an acceptance process where the customer or department gets to approve and agree to the solution.

once the solution is accepted by the customer and final review is done, the complaint is closed.

The sequential actions followed when there is a scenario like second is discussed below:

Actions performed if you Identify a root cause of a problem:

Record corrective action

In this step, we record the cause and corrective action for the problem identified. These actions may be multiple depending upon the actions specified. 

Identify the Action required

This is the crucial step to identify and finalize the exact action required for rectification of the problem.

Record Action Taken

After the action is identified and performed it is recorded as a specific case study on the problems faced. These problems are documented and integrated into the automated system for further usage(this can be done by the Document management solutions software).

The effectiveness of the action taken

The effectiveness of the action taken is then analyzed and the degree of effectiveness is determined. If it is up to the mark the case of this complaint is closed if not it is again escalated to the first step.

Sending to the final review

If everything goes fine the report is sent to Clint/Customer/QA officer(whoever may be according to the type of business) if once he approves the final review, the complaint is closed and the ticket is withdrawn.


To conclude this blog explains the Whole process of complaint management and resolving an issue, an ideal complaint management system integrates all the systems available, it exchanges the required information and documents the outcomes.





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